Friday, April 18, 2008

The Philippine Map

The Philippines is located on southeast Asia .Manila is the capital of our country located on National Capital ,Luzon.
It has 7,107 islands w/ an estimate of more than 90.5 million, currently the 12 most populous country in the world. The Philippines has 3 island groups : Luzon , Visayas and Mindanao. These are divided into 17 regions,81 provinces,136 cities,1,494 municipalities and 41,995 barangays .
The following are the borders of the our country in every directions:
East-The Philippine Sea
West-South China Sea
South-Celebes Sea
North-few km South Taiwan
Our country covered w/ tropical rainforests. We have also many actives volcanoes. It is newly industrialized country. We have malls and some business buildings build on our capital. We have the largest mall in asia which is SM Mall of Asia located at Pasay City,Metro Manila.

The Philippine Flag

The Philippine Flag..(1898-1902)
It was actually designed by Emilio Aguinaldo, The First President of the Philippines and one of the leaders of K.K.K. The tasked to sewed was given to
Marcela Marino de Agoncillo because of her sewing skills. Together by her daughter Lorenza and Herbosa Natividad, they skillfully sewed the flag and once called "The Sun and The Stars". The Flag as deeper meanings to us. It shows our freedom. The triangle white color of the flag shows our equality. The upper blue side means peace and the lower red side patriotism. The eight sun's rays represents the first eight provinces fought the Spaniards . Last the three stars representing The Luzon , Visayas , and Mindanao. If the blue side and red side interchanged , a war has happening to our country.